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Professional Services

Construction Management / General Contracting

Whether you and your team are looking for a Construction Manager or a  General Contractor, GCS can help. GCS regularly completes projects in various sectors, with various delivery methods, up to 25 million dollars in value. To begin the process, contact GCS today.

GCS has experience in the following sectors: Higher Education, K-12, Industrial, Healthcare, Pre-Engineered Buildings, Demolition, Restaurants, Grow Facilities, Renovations, Custom Homes, and Hospitality Service 

Owner Representation

As the title infers, Owner Representation is simply that - an individual who represents an owner to help assure that their best interest is always at the forefront. Whether that means working with the design and construction teams throughout the entire project, or checking up on specific areas intermittently, having a second set of eyes on the project is a great way to assure that your funds are being spent and managed properly.

Pre-construction Services
  • Schedule Creation and Maintenance

  • Long Lead Item Identification and Coordination

  • DD Drawing Review 

  • Constructability Review

  • Budget Development

  • Value Engineering and Analysis

  • Bid Package Development

  • Bidders List Creation and Refinement

  • Permitting

  • Process Creation and Management




Construction Services

  • Site Management

  • Owner-team Coordination

  • Contractor Coordination/Management

  • Inspector Coordination/Management

  • Construction Administration:

  • RFI Coordination

  • Submittal Review

  • Permit Maintenance

  • Coordination Drawing Review

  • Utility Shutdown Coordination

  • Cost Management

  • Document Control

  • Pay Application Review/Management

  • Construction Schedule Creation and Maintenance

  • Start-up and Commissioning Coordination

  • Process Creation and Management





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